Blending Herbs

Learn the easiest way to blend herbs and create formulas for the most effective herbal remedies.

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Friday May 31, 1:00pm EST 

Why do you need to learn how to combine herbs?

There are hundreds if not thousands of herbs available to us for our herbal medicines. There are roots, barks, flowers, leaves and seeds. There are Western herbs and Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. There are aromatics and weeds and at-risk plants that all have certain abilities and healing powers.

But how do you know which ones to use? And how on earth do you blend them into a remedy that REALLY WORKS for a given situation?

Not all herbs go together or work together well. Some are meant for short-term use, others for long-term. Some are topical, others can be taken internally. It's easy to get overwhelmed!

In this FREE workshop, Holly will walk you through her trusted process of identifying which herbs go well together and will be the best to include in your remedy.

You'll get Holly's 4-Tier formulary--a practice she's used for 30 years to know which herbs to combine and in what amounts.

You'll also get introduced to herbal ACTIONS, those awesome qualities of herbs that indicate what they do in the body.

And finally--the best part! We'll all dive in together to craft some incredibly useful herbal combinations just like Holly leads her in-person retreats. This workshop is fun, it's practical, and the lessons you learn here will help you make the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE remedies because you'll be combining the right herbs in the right amounts at the right time.

By the end, you'll have the basis for a strong formulary technique, blank worksheets for you to use daily, and a baker's dozen recipes you can refer to again and again when you go to make your own herbal medicines.



Discover the most effective way to combine herbs into remedies so that you create healthy and useful internal and external plant-based medicines for you and your family.

Learn the 4-Tier Formula

Learn Holly's most effective way to think about building a blend.

Explore Herbal Actions

Learn about the big categories of herbal characteristics that make it easy to learn about, remember, and use herbs.

Put It All Together

Go step-by-step through Holly's process in creating a half-dozen truly-effective remedies. Get the practical process to take home and use as the basis for your own remedies.

Taught by Holly Bellebuono

Having been an herbalist, entrepreneur, product maker, CEO, gardener, author, and formulator over the past 30 years, I'm here to tell you: learning the right ways to blend herbs is the best way to make effective herbal remedies. 

Whether you're making them to sell, or you're supporting yourself and your family with plant-based remedies, the KEY to a successful remedy is the way it's blended. Which herbs you put in the remedy determines how the remedy works.

I teach in a welcoming, straightforward way in all my courses, including my signature Herbal Medicine FOUNDATIONS certificate program. Here, you'll get a sneak peak into what I teach inside this program with relevant, helpful guidance for you to put into action today.

"it is impossible not to be transformed after you’ve studied with her."

Keya Guimaraes

"Holly inspires in those who study with her a deep and personal connection to the plants."

Rosemary Gladstar


Blending Herbs

Learn the easiest way to blend herbs and create formulas for the most effective herbal remedies!


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Live event date: Friday May 31 at 1:00pmEST