Herbs For Mama and Baby

What You’ll Get...

  • 2 Hour Training Video
  • PDF of Slides
  • The Herbs for Mama & Baby Course Guidebook (use this for note-taking while going through the course)

  • Prepping for PostPartum & Making a Sitz Bath Webinar (detailed instructions for post-birth care)

  • E-Book: Herbal First Aid for Children & Babies

  •  E-Book: Safe & Gentle Tonic Herbs

    And... a helpful Resource Sheet

What You’ll Learn...

In this beginner course, you will:

  • Get prepared for home-care using herbs for scores of common pregnancy and labor needs
  • Learn how to harvest garden plants to prepare remedies for birth
  • Learn how to identify common pregnancy issues and address them naturally
  • Discover easy and natural ways to support you and your baby throughout pregnancy, childbirth and infancy
  • Learn how to get creative with safe remedies, foods and best practices to nourish you and keep you healthy
  • Discover nourishing tonic blends as well as remedies for acute and chronic issues
  • Get detailed instructions on which parts of plants to harvest and use for down-to-earth, pragmatic remedy-making
  • Learn when emergency measures are called for and when at-home remedies are fine
  • View gorgeous full-color photographs to identify garden and wild herbs and weeds
  • Discover the history and heritage of dozens of plants that support pregnancy
  • Get sample recipes you can try in your own kitchen
  • Explore health for infancy and new motherhood—including supports for a wide range of personal changes, emotional needs, and physical issues

$179.00 USD

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