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Learn the Foundations of Herbal Medicine 

in Just 6 Months

  • Strengthen your ability to use and understand herbal medicine
  • Deepen your understanding and feel clear and confident using plants for health

Our 96-hour Herbal Medicine Foundations Certificate Program is the best and most thorough preparation to take your herbal medicine knowledge to the next level--with no travel required.


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Learn the Foundations of Herbal Medicine in Just 6 Months

Do you want to strengthen your ability to use and practice herbal medicine? Do you want to UP your understanding and feel clear and confident using plants for health? 

The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine is one of the most well-loved online herbal schools in the country. Our Herbal Medicine Foundations Program is the best and most thorough preparation to take your herbal medicine knowledge to the next level--with no travel required.

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Comprehensive for All

If you want to help your family, this course will guide you in the foundations of herbal medicine and natural health.

If you're already a health care practitioner (acupuncture, aromatherapist, chiropractor, nurse, pharmacist, massage therapist, social worker, etc), this comprehensive program will give you the solid basis you need to integrate plants into your practice.

And if you're a gardener or farmer, this is the best course to build your confidence using the plants you grow and harvest in healthy, safe, and creative ways.

This program is:

  • practical and scientific
  • welcoming and useful
  • detail-oriented and broad-scope
  • plant-focused and entrepreneurial

This inviting online program is PACKED with herbal medicine details, anatomy and physiology, aromatics, gardening, personal empowerment, herb identification, remedy-making, family care, business and entrepreneur guidance, and much more.

Herbalist Holly Bellebuono distills her three decades of teaching, writing, and research into this incredible herbal experience for you.

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Pursue your love of plants

You have pride in your work, a love of plants, a desire to help fellow people or animals, a longing to work with the natural world… these and many other reasons are why so many talented and innovative people pursue herbalism, aromatherapy, skincare, cosmetics, acupuncture, pharmacy, and more.

This course lets your love of plants shine, with practical guidance about how to use dozens of edible and medicinal plants in your daily life. We work with a core group of about 33 herbs and supplement with dozens more so that you get a well-rounded understanding without being overwhelmed.

Holly shares her love of the garden and wilderness and applies it to human health, making it easy to learn and apply in your own home, homestead, kitchen, or clinic.

After taking this course, you'll feel confident and ready to make formulas, blends, and remedies to support your health and your family's, and even to begin a thriving business based on herbs.


Benefits of the Herbal Medicine FOUNDATIONS Course

Completing this program allows you to flourish within your chosen profession with confidence, grace, and value. The skills learned here are equally important for a wide range of people and will support you personally and professionally.

In the 3 decades Holly has taught this program, her students have included nurses, midwives, aromatherapists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, pharmacists, researchers, farmers, social workers, therapists, and of course herbalists, skincare and cosmetic makers, and retailers, and those simply interested in deepening their learning.


With a solid education in our Herbal Medicine FOUNDATIONS program, you can:

  • establish yourself as a knowledgeable herbalist and use your understanding to promote wellness;
  • integrate herbal healing into your existing health practice;
  • gain a rich understanding of the nuances of herbal medicine theory and practice, with an in-depth study of our materia medica;
  • connect with a like-minded community learning best practices and strategies that promote health of the body and mind
  • empower your farm, family, retreat center or community with solid, science-based health practices using plants
  • apply your knowledge to a variety of healthcare professions (for instance, our students have included nurses, aromatherapists, social workers, massage therapists, pharmacists, and more)
  • support your family, homestead, and community with common-sense, practical natural healing strategies
  • expand your knowledge of edible and medicinal plants for gardening, farming, and handcraft businesses
  • Support your herbal or natural products, skincare, cosmetics, coffee/tea, or chocolate business, or highlight this herbal certificate in the hiring process for an existing company to strengthen your career
  • get discounts on herbal ingredients through our partnership with Mountain Rose Herbs
  • know you're in good hands with our school which has been an official school of the American Herbalist Guild since 2011.

Learn to Heal

Learning to heal with herbs and natural strategies is one of the smartest things you can do for your own health, for your loved ones, and as part of a career path. Our course walks you through the art and science of herbalism, especially how plants work and also how to run a natural or organic products business.

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What You'll Learn in Holly's Herbal Medicine FOUNDATIONS course...

Inside this program, you will discover a wealth of information about harvesting, making, using, applying, understanding, and explaining herbal medicine. You'll learn useful and practical details about plants and human health with an emphasis on botany, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology—though it is provided at a foundational level and students are not expected to have prior experience. The course introduces botany, anatomy/physiology, pharmacology, formulary, holistic healing, and herbal identification, and it touches on harvesting methods and hands-on crafting of a wide range of herbal remedies.

It also supports your growth as a small business leader. The program includes samples from two Selle Entrepreneur Network courses: Selle Natural, which teaches herbal compliance with the FDA and how to establish Good Manufacturing Practices no matter what you sell, and Selle Organic, which walks you through the dozens of opportunities for certifications and commitments that demonstrate ethical business ownership. The sample lessons are Labeling Laws and Certified Organic Practices.

Packed with video lectures, full-color photographs, mini-courses, and additional resources and bonuses, the course comes with life-long access and is meant to be both a lesson and a reference for years to come. The course also includes a Welcome Package and printed Course Manual with printed copies of Holly Bellebuono’s books, teeming with stories, recipes, glossaries, indexes, and guidance as key curriculum references.

For those tracking educational hours, the comprehensive Herbal Medicine Foundations Program is estimated at 96 hours of education; a certificate of completion is awarded.

This comprehensive course includes:

  • The botany and chemistry of medicinal herbs with a focus on Western herbalism (with brief introductions to Ayurvedic, Eastern and other cultures’ herbal protocols)
  • Modules focused on body system. You'll learn how to use herbs for the following systems: 
    • Digestive
    • Cardiovascular
    • Endocrine
    • Respiratory
    • Urinary
    • Nervous System and the Brain
    • Skin
    • Men’s Health
    • Women’s Reproductive (including Pregnancy, Labor/Delivery, and Infant & Child Care)
    • plus a module on Inflammation and Pain 
    • plus a bonus e-book and lecture on first aid, and ebooks on tonic herbs and herbal teas
  • How herbs interact with the human anatomy to address a wide range of diseases and symptoms
  • How to think about herbs in CATEGORIES so you don't feel overwhelmed by learning about hundreds of plants
  • Formulary techniques for a wide range of remedy blending and combining based on Holly’s decades’-long experience building herbal formulas for both acute and chronic conditions
  • 35 key herbal actions that are the foundation for herbal medicine use
  • Guidance in how to organize your knowledge about plants in order to create effective, healing, and wholistic remedies
  • First-aid skills for acute conditions, for all ages
  • Herbal medicine support for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and infant and childcare
  • How to expand your understanding of local herbs and harvesting and take your knowledge to a new level
  • Extra in-depth lessons on how herbal medicines support the nervous system and the brain especially for neuro-diseases, depression, and anxiety
  • A variety of ways to implement and use your herbal knowledge to support your family, business, community, and clients
  • A wholistic framework to embed herbal healing into your career path
  • Business lessons for running your small business with Good Manufacturing Practices, FDA compliance, labeling guidance, and more 

What this program does not cover: Cancer, cannabis, or astrology.


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Request the Herbal Medicine FOUNDATIONS complete Syllabus (Prospectus)

Want a complete list of topics covered in this course? We'll email you the syllabus so you can review it before purchase.

Walk through the Student Portal & Curriculum

Watch this video with instructor Holly Bellebuono to view how the curriculum is organized and the best way to proceed through the certificate course.


What You’ll Get...

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  • A comprehensive herbal medicine curriculum with modules and lessons organized clearly from herbalist Holly Bellebuono, a 30-year herbal practitioner, instructor, author, speaker and apothecary
  • Video lectures and lessons addressing all major body systems plus 35 herbal actions with gorgeous original photographs from Holly’s teaching gardens
  • Self-paced learning allowing maximum absorption of material on your own timeline (certificate conferred upon successful completion within nine months, optional)
  • Multiple learning formats including videos, audio files, and printed books
  • A printed Welcome Package and Course Manual delivered to your mailing address
  • Printed, physical copies of two of Hollys' most popular books (available to US mailing addresses only):
  • An Herbalist’s Guide to Formulary
  • An Essential Herbal for Natural Health
  • More than 140 Recipes for using edible and medicinal herbs in remedies, along with glossaries, tonic lists, United Plant Savers quick-references lists, tables, charts, indexes, materia medica, and stories included in the books
  • Written instruction in crafting a wide variety of herbal remedies, including hydrosols, salves, tinctures, tea blends, salts, capsules, suppositories, tonics, lotions, drinks, and foods
  • Guidance and training in harvesting and using cultivated and wildcrafted herbs for health
  • Email access to herbalist Holly Bellebuono for questions and guidance for 90 days after enrollment
  • Lifetime access to live online Herbal Meet-ups where students can meet Holly and each other, ask questions, share progress, mastermind their businesses, promote their work, and connect
  • Lifetime access to all course materials, archived videos, lessons, and reference materials (priceless!)
  • Bonus tips, guides, and videos (a $497 value)
  • A printable Certificate of Completion (when course is completed within 9 months, optional)
  • Inclusion in the Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine Facebook Student Forum for ongoing connection with current and former students 
  • enjoy a 10% student discount off online orders through our partnership with Mountain Rose Herbs


There's MORE!!! In addition to the comprehensive primary body system training program with detailed video lessons (valued at $5,997) and its printed books and course manual ($297), you'll also get:

  • The complete Herbal Actions Course (a $397 value)
  • The Herbs for Mama & Baby Course (a $179 value)
  • The Herbs for the Brain and Neurodegenerative Diseases Course (a $179 value)
  • The Formulary Intro Class (a $47 value)
  • The Herbal First Aid for Children E-Book (a $37 value)
  • The Safe & Tonic Herbs E-Book (a $37 value)
  • Hot Herbal Teas E-Book (a $37 value)
  • Sample Lesson "Labeling Laws" from the entrepreneur course Selle Natural
  • Sample Lesson "Certified Organic" from the entrepreneur course Selle Organic
  • Quarterly live meet-ups and online coaching with Holly and a fellowship of herbal students (a $997 value)
  • Pre-public advance notification for in-person retreats and events

The full value of this comprehensive program is more than $9,200 with so much more that will increase your skills and understanding using plants for health.

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Full value is more than $9,200!


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A note from Holly:

"When I started learning about herbs, I was 24 years old living in a gorgeous old, magical yellow farmhouse in the mountains of North Carolina. I loved to experiment with every herb I could identify, and I collected glass bottles like there was no tomorrow.

Over the past 30 years, I've matured in my understanding of plants and my use of herbs for health, and I am excited to share what I've learned with you. Being an herbalist (or studying herbs) is much more than having fun making skin creams, which is great -- but to really support your health, you must learn about so much more.

In this course, I teach what I've learned about how herbs affect our body systems, how to blend herbs together to be REALLY effective medicines, and how to start an herb business based on doing what you LOVE.

I’m thrilled to share this knowledge and much more with you through the comprehensive Herbal Medicine Foundations Program."

- Holly Bellebuono
Founder of The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine, Business Coach, Author

Holly Bellebuono Collage

About the Program & Instructor

For 30 years, herbalist, award-winning author, international keynote speaker and entrepreneur Holly Bellebuono has taught tens of thousands of people how to use herbal medicine for health. In 1994 she opened Sweet Cicely Herbs in the mountains near Boone, North Carolina, and in 2005 she moved to Martha’s Vineyard and founded Vineyard Herbs Teas & Apothecary. In 2010 she founded The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine to teach hands-on application and knowledge to students who, over the years, traveled from Puerto Rico, Columbia, Nigeria, Canada, and across the United States to learn with her, and she lectured in Costa Rica, Canada and England about the power of healing.

Her seven published books are all nonfiction books on using herbal medicine or celebrating the power of women and healing. She is the author of Women Healers of the World (awarded Book of the Year by The International Herb Association), The Essential Herbal for Natural Health, The Healing Kitchen, The Authentic Herbal Healer, An Herbalist’s Guide to Formulary, Llewellyn’s Little Book of Herbs, and A Goal-Setting Guide for Open-Minded Business Owners. Holly is also the CEO and founder of Selle LLC, a learning platform for natural and organic businesses.

The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine has graduated hundreds of community herbalists, many of whom traveled to Martha’s Vineyard to experience two- and three-week intensives to study North American plants and plant medicine with Holly. These rich in-person experiences led to many friendships and the advancement of numerous herbal businesses.

Holly holds certificates in corporate social responsibility and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and she is passionate about supporting environmentally-conscious businesses with core values and purpose training.

The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine is an official school of The American Herbalists Guild.

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Herbal Medicine Foundations

Your investment: $2,997

Full value is more than $9,200!


Or, pay in 3 Monthly Payments


per month