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Herbal Programs & Trainings

Herbal Medicine FOUNDATIONS

The core 96-hour certificate program for herbalists

In one of the most comprehensive online herbal study programs in the country, you'll learn anatomy and physiology, how to formulate, personal empowerment, herb identification, basic chemistry, herbal care for yourself and others, entrepreneurship and skills for organic businesses, and much more.

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Herbs for Mama & Baby

Support yourself and your children naturally during pregnancy & beyond

Herbs are incredibly useful to support the health of mothers before, during and after pregnancy, as well as their infants. Whether you are a midwife, training to support births as a doula, or simply wanting to nourish your body and address common issues you expect to face during a normal pregnancy, this detailed course will provide you with specific and practice guidance in using herbal medicine.

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Herbal Actions

The ultimate guide to how plants work in the body

Instead of trying to learn the details about thousands of plants, it's helpful to start out learning about broad categories. In this comprehensive course, Holly walks you through 35 categories or "actions" of plants so you learn the "big picture" and become more confident in your use of herbal medicine. Discover herbs with actions such as sedative, emollient, hypotensive, and diuretic--and learn how to use broad categories of plants for a variety of illnesses and symptoms.

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Herbs for the Brain

Support Nerve & Mental Health Naturally

Are you curious how the brain works? Does a loved one suffer from dementia or another neurodegenerative disease? Would you like to learn how herbs can help support a healthy brain? You'll learn how neurons work, including the basics of nerve cells, what neurons do, and the latest research into how plants and foods can help us build better nerve networks.

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Selle Natural

Best Practices for Running and Natural and Organic Products Business

Learn the essentials so you can avoid mistakes. This course covers the FDA, labeling laws, cottage laws, insurance, Good Manufacturing Practices, and much more.

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Selle Organic

Certifications and Commitments for Organic & Beyond

Learn how to embed purpose and transparency into your company. This course teaches you about B-corps, certified organic, fair trade, and many other certifications or commitments you can make, and why it makes such an impact.

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Selle Startup

How to Launch Your Natural & Organic Skincare, Herbal or Clean Beauty Business

Learn the basics of pricing, hiring, building your best team, product development, setting up your new company, money mindset and budgeting, and much more.

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Step by Step Formulating Herbal Medicines

The quick basics of herbal formulary & blending

In this quick 24-minute class, herbalist Holly Bellebuono guides you through her proven formulary method for blending herbs as medicines. Having used this method for more than 3 decades, Holly teaches it as a foundation tool for herbalists seeking a practical, hands-on approach to deciding which herbs to include in a remedy.

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Herbal Healing Audio Series

Listen to 5 hours of delightful and informative herbal support

This audio series includes 5 audios that average an hour each that focus on Digestion, the Heart, Immunity, the Skin, and Stress. Listen and learn in your car, as you cook in the kitchen, or anywhere you enjoy podcasts.

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Meet Holly...

For 30 years, herbalist, award-winning author, international keynote speaker and entrepreneur Holly Bellebuono has taught tens of thousands of people how to use herbal medicine for health.

As an herbalist, Holly shares essential information about how to think about plants in categories and use medicinal herbs reliably in healing remedies. Her work is practical, inspiring and useful and she approaches herbal medicine from the perspective that we all have so much to learn.

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