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Support for Mama & Baby in All Stages

Do you have a desire to use plants and natural remedies to support you and your baby? Herbs are incredibly useful to support the health of mothers before, during and after pregnancy, as well as their infants. Whether you are a midwife, training to support births as a doula, or simply wanting to nourish your body and address common issues you expect to face during a normal pregnancy, this detailed course will provide you with specific and practice guidance in using herbal medicine.

A Course You Can Relate To

As an herbalist of 30 years teaching and sharing the chemistry, anatomy and physiology of herbal health, Holly Bellebuono also had the pleasure (and pain) of having two babies at home with a midwife. Holly relies on decades of herbal medicine research, herb growing, and first-hand use of botanical therapies to design this Herbs For Mama and Baby Course. The course is available as a stand-alone course and is also included in Holly Bellebuono’s comprehensive Community Herbalist Certification Program.

The course is yours to keep forever—a treasure-trove of useful information, photographs, recipes, and instructions to refer to for every stage including pregnancy, labor and delivery, post-partum, and infant and child-care. Most women find they refer to this course as a refresher with every child, as each pregnancy is different.

Learn to Heal

Learning to heal with herbs and natural strategies is one of the smartest things you can do for your own health, for your loved ones, and as part of a career path. Herbal remedies and nutritive foods complement the best therapies and can be used in a wide range of situations, both personal and professional.

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What You'll Learn in the Herbs for Mama & Baby course...

In this beginner course, you will:

  • Get prepared for home-care using herbs for scores of common pregnancy and labor needs
  • Learn how to harvest garden plants to prepare remedies for birth
  • Learn how to identify common pregnancy issues and address them naturally
  • Discover easy and natural ways to support you and your baby throughout pregnancy, childbirth and infancy
  • Learn how to get creative with safe remedies, foods and best practices to nourish you and keep you healthy
  • Discover nourishing tonic blends as well as remedies for acute and chronic issues
  • Get detailed instructions on which parts of plants to harvest and use for down-to-earth, pragmatic remedy-making
  • Learn when emergency measures are called for and when at-home remedies are fine
  • View gorgeous full-color photographs to identify garden and wild herbs and weeds
  • Discover the history and heritage of dozens of plants that support pregnancy
  • Get sample recipes you can try in your own kitchen
  • Explore health for infancy and new motherhood—including supports for a wide range of personal changes, emotional needs, and physical issues
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What You’ll Get

  • 2 Hour Training Video Course
  • PDF of Curriculum
  • BONUS: Herbal First Aid for Babies and Children E-Book
  • BONUS: Safe & Tonic Herbs E-Book
  • BONUS: Herbal Supplies Resources Sheet
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About Holly Bellebuono

Herbalist Holly Bellebuono is known for taking complex subjects in chemistry and anatomy and making them easy to understand—and especially for relating how our beloved edible and medicinal plants can be used to benefit a wide range of ailments and issues. Holly is a proponent of tonic herbs and nourishing support, meaning she advocates supporting health using gentle herbs and foods. And when gentle herbs aren’t enough, Holly teaches the skills needed to apply more active plant medicine in powerful and supportive ways to achieve results for both acute and chronic conditions.

In addition to teaching about herbal medicine for more than 30 years, Holly is an entrepreneur and business coach who has directed award-winning businesses including an apothecary, an herbal medicine school, and environmental and educational nonprofit organizations. Her published books include Women Healers of the World (awarded Book of the Year by The International Herb Association), The Essential Herbal for Natural Health, An Herbalist’s Guide to Formulary, Llewellyn’s Little Book of Herbs, and The Healing Kitchen. Holly has lectured about healing and women’s empowerment in Canada, Costa Rica, England, and across the United States. She is the founder of The Selle Entrepreneur Network, a welcoming community where creative women connect. Clients rely on Holly to teach meaningful and detail-oriented botanical therapeutic courses, to lead empowering and soul-connecting retreats, and to coach business owners with purpose and impact.

The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine is an official school of The American Herbalists Guild.